Buồng kiểm tra chống nước Lisun JL-12CP-600M (IPX1,IPX2)

Mức độ kiểm tra: IPX1,IPX2

Kích thước nhỏ giọt: 600*600mm

Đường kính lỗ nhỏ giọt: ¢0.4mm

Khoảng cách các lỗ nhỏ giọt: 20*20 mm

Đường kính xoay: ¢600 mm

Lưu lượng: 1-5 mm/min(±0.5mm/min)

Phương pháp tùy chỉnh lưu lượng: Điều chỉnh thủ công

Phương pháp nâng ván nhỏ giọt: Không nâng (Cố định)

Dải chiều cao bàn xoay: 350-700 mm

Bàn xoay chịu tải tối đa: 50KG

Góc nghiêng xoay: 0° hoặc 15°(hướng ngang)

Tốc độ xoay: 1 r/min(IPX1)

Thời gian kiểm tra: 0-999 phút

Chức năng bảo vệ: Chống rò, bảo vệ chống hết nước, bảo vệ ngắn mạch

Nguồn: 380V/3 pha/50Hz (60Hz tùy chỉnh)

Chi tiết



• The outer casing is made of high-quality steel plate, and the surface is painted with paint which is beautiful and durable. The inner box, the turntable, and the wading part are all made of SUS304 stainless steel plate to make sure that it will not rust after using for a long time. (Inner box sheet thickness: 1.2mm, can handle the water pressure)

• IPX12: The compressed air drying function can remove the excess water in the drip tank after the test to avoid long-term water accumulation and fouling. (User need to provide air compressor)

• IPX34: The driver for the swing pipe adopts high-quality servo stepping motor, the swinging speed and angle are precisely adjustable. There is no out-of-step problem (the risk of out-of-step: it will cause the swinging tube to malfunction, hitting the middle turntable shaft, causing equipment damage)

• IPX56: It is with monolithic structure. The sray gun direction is adjustable and can be fixed. The operator only need to start the test but no need to carry the spray gun

• The water supply line is equipped with a filter to filter impurities in the water to prevent nozzle clogging.

• The LED waterproof lighting is installed in the chamber, and there is a large observation window on the door to facilitate the observation of the test sample.

• The equipment equipped with a water tank for recycling water, no need building a professional waterproof test room. The water tank float valve in the water tank automatically controls the water inlet, and has high and low water level alarm monitoring to effectively prevent the pump from being damaged due to running out of water.

• The turntable uses a stepper motor, the speed can be set on the touch screen, and can control the forward and reverse rotation (suitable for the sample power-on test to prevent winding). • Touch screen control function: Directly select the waterproof level on the self-developed IPX waterproof level test operation interface. You can run test according to the waterproof rating conditions in the standard terms easily.

• Test sample input power: single-phase 220V/10A (other specifications can be customized)

• Equipment power supply frequency: Default is 50Hz and 60Hz is also available (It is very important to confirm us your grid power frequency)

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