Máy đếm linh kiện SMD, axial và radial quay tay Manncorp Magic M

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Hãng sản xuất: Manncorp - Mỹ
Xuất xứ: Trung quốc
Model: Magic M

Nguồn: tay quay
Kiểu linh kiện: SMDs, Axials (VD: dây điện trở, dây diode) & Radials (VD: dây tụ)
Adapter for 01005 chips : Optional
Bộ nhớ đếm số lượng: Yes
Tự động căn chỉnh: Yes
Đặt Date/Time: Yes
Cổng điều khiển bằng chân: Yes
Đặt trước số lượng: Yes
Cảnh báo: Âm thanh khi đến số lượng đặt
Hướng đếm: Trái qua phải, (phải qua trái Optional)
Cài đặt bước SMD: Yes
Kích thước quận linh kiện: 7" & 13"
Độ rộng max cuẩ cuộn linh kiện: lên tới 72 mm
Dải đếm: 99,999
Công tắc 110-220V / 50-60Hz: Yes
DC Adapter: Yes
Cổng RS-232c & USB: Yes
máy ín Ribbon (optional): Label 2.36" W x .67" L (60 x 17mm)
Bar Code Printer: Optional
Nguồn: AC 110V(60Hz) Optional: AC 220V(50Hz)
Pin sạc: Yes
Kích thước: 805 W x 260 D 100mm H
trọng lượng: 8.3 Kg (18.3 lbs.)


Full Component Range

Count SMDs as small as 01005 with adapter

Count SMDs as small as 01005 chips.

Magic M is the most affordable manual component counter available to cover the full range of taped components. The standard unit handles SMDs, including chip components down to 0201, as well as axial and radial parts on tape widths from 4 mm to 72 mm. An adapter with 2 mm pitch is available for 01005 chips. All standard 7" and 13" tape reels can be used. 

Like its motorized counterparts, the Magic M can be set to count out pre-set quantities of parts, making it a time saver for kitting or for component distributors who sell parts on cut tape strips. 

Easy Setup and Changeover

Setup and changeover is fast and simple. For SMD parts, an included adapter is simply placed on the unit and tightened and SMD tape is fed through it from the right to the reel on the left. Set the pitch and go. For axial and radial components, remove the adapter and set the width of the guide bracket.  

A bar code printer and scanner or ribbon label printer can be added to further increase efficiency. Label data includes company name, date, time and quantity.

Highly Portable

Magic M, weighing only 16 lbs, features a built-in carrying handle for easy portability—take the counter wherever it is needed. The entire unit is only 32" x 10" x 4", making it easy to find room for on a bench or tabletop. It is long-life rechargeable battery eliminates the need to locate the unit near an electrical outlet.

MAGIC M Manual Component Counter Features

  • Counts SMDs as small as 0201 on tape widths from 4 mm to 72 mm, as well as axial and radial components, with minimal changeover.
  • Capable of counting 01005 chips with an optional adapter.
  • Beeper automatically sounds when targeted pre-set quantity is reached.
  • Exclusive Auto-Alignment minimizes setup time.
  • RS-232c and USB ports for connection of optional label printer with company name, date/time and quantity. 
  • Optional foot pedal.
  • Long-life rechargeable battery with power-saving sleep mode.

MAGIC M Parts Counter - Specifications

Power Source Hand crank
Component Types SMDs, Axials & Radials
Adapter for 01005 chips Optional
Count Qty. Memory Yes
Auto Alignment Yes
Date/Time Set Yes
Foot Control Port Yes
Quantity Preset Yes
Alarm Audible, when preset quantity is reached
Counting Direction L to R std.
R to L Optional
SMD Pitch Setting Yes
Reel Sizes 7" & 13"
Max. Reel Width Up to 72 mm
Count Range 99,999
Co. Name on Printouts Yes
Anti-static Plug & Connector Yes
110-220V / 50-60Hz Switching Yes
DC Adapter Yes
RS-232c & USB Ports Yes
Ribbon Printer (optional) Label 2.36" W x .67" L (60 x 17mm)
Bar Code Printer Optional
Power AC 110V(60Hz) Optional: AC 220V(50Hz)
Rechargeable Battery Yes - Charge 48 hours before first use. Charge time thereafter is 12 hours. Operating intervals between charges is ~ 20 hours
Dimensions 805 W x 260 D 100mm H (32" x 10" x 4")
Weight 8.3 Kg (18.3 lbs.)

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