Cờ lê nhân lực dùng khí nén Mountz CLD105 (365 - 1080 N.m)

Thân máy xoay

Dải lực xoắn:  270 - 796 lbf.ft / 365 - 1080 N.m

Đầu vuông: 1"

Tốc độ quay: 15 v/p

Đường kính chốt: 54 mm

Kích thước D2: 85 mm

Chiều dài: 11.8"/300 mm

Trọng lượng: 18 lbs

Chi tiết


Compact design is safe, easy, and simple to handle.

Precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fastening connections.

Flexible tool positioning with 360 degree rotating handle.

Shuts-off when pre-set torque is achieved. Non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation

Torque adjustment and control is regulated by the Lubro Control Unit (LCU) via the air supply.

Multiplier increases speed and productivity, as it is faster than a hydraulic wrench and is less expensive. Eliminates the cumbersome set up time and slow ratcheting process of hydraulic wrenches.

Ergonomically safer than the harmful hammering of impact wrenches. Eliminates the frequent costly repairs of impact wrenches.

Heavy-duty gear box.

Accuracy better than ± 5%


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