Máy cấp vít tự động Mountz HS-40 ( 4mm (0.157"))

Đường kính đầu vít tối đa (D): 13.4mm (0.527")

Đường kính trục vít tối đa (d): 4mm (0.157")

Chiều cao đầu vít tối đa (t): 8.4mm (0.330")

Chiều dài trục vít tối đa (L): 18mm (0.7086") 

Kích thước (W x D x H): 5 1/8" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/3"

Trọng lượng: 7 lbs

Chi tiết


Screws are poured into the hopper of the Surefeedand automatically lined up for dispensing.

This simple mechanism allows trouble-free operation, eliminating jammed or stuck screws.

The unique up and down screw hopper feeds screws efficiently to the screw-feeding rail and the photosensors prevent screws from jamming or sticking.

Pick up rate of up to two screws per second.

The versatile unit can easily change to another screw by simply changing the screw-feeding rail. It can feed sems, w-sems, washer-head, and flat head screws.



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