Cờ lê đo lực kỹ thuật số Mountz MTWD135-S ( 290131) ( 15-135 N.m )

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Hãng sản xuất : Mountz
Model : MTWD135-S
Item :  290131
Xuất xứ: Mỹ
Bảo hành : 12 tháng

Kích thước driver: 3/8" Sq Dr.
Dải lực xoắn: 11.1-99.6 lbf.ft/ 15-135 N.m
L = 394 mm
Trọng lượng: 1.1 kg



The digital torque wrench is designed for daily fastening applications in a production environment. The electronic wrench comes with technology-assisted precision, sporting a digital display of torque readings, plus visual, acoustic and sensory signals that alert an operator once the pre-set torque is reached. The user-friendly digital wrench is simple to use and displays real time torque values. Great for light industrial, automotive, electronics and aircraft applications. Perfect for noisy environments.
Accuracy +/- 2.5% of reading CW,  +/- 1 digit
Accuracy +/- 3% of reading CCW , +/- 1 digit
Designed for daily screw tightening production environment.
Program pre-set torque.
Visual, acoustic and sensory signal (handle vibrates) when the set torque is reached.
Four units of torque measurement available: N.m, lbf.ft, lbf.in, kgf.m
Heavy duty bi-directional ratchet head.
Operating mode: Peak
Holds “Peak” torque readings for 15 seconds.
Large LCD screen for high visibility.
Lightly knurled non-slip grip.
Four-digit display.
Battery operation.

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