Tô vít điện Mountz SS7000-ESD (30-200 cN.m; 500-750 r/m)

Kiểu Driver: Lever Start

Kích thước drive:  5mm Hios

Dải lực xoắn: 2.6 - 17.4 lbf.in / 30 - 200 cN.m

Cài đặt điều chỉnh RPM:  500 - 750 r/m

Kích thước: Ø1 1/2"x 10"

Trọng lượng: 26.5 oz

Chi tiết


Various models that range from 0.17 - 17.4 lbf.in.

Precision "Soft-Stop" clutch prevents shock to sensitive assemblies like disk drives, plastics, electronics, etc.

Ergonomically designed clutch and body case reduces impact and vibration transmitted in the screw fastening process.

Low voltage requirement offers superior life and safe operation.

Can be connected with the Scout Screw Counter.

Requires a Transformer (power supply).

External torque adjustment scale.

One way clutch - direct drive in the counter-clockwise direction for easy removal of tightened fasteners.

Available in Clean Room, Vacuum,ESD, Push-to-Start and Lever models.



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