Máy phân tích kết cấu thép Novotest KRC-M2

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Hãng sản xuất: Novotest
Model: KRC-M2
Xuất xứ: Ukraina
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Chế độ chuẩn
+ Đo lực cưỡng bức
+ Đo dòng
+ Mã đo (đơn vị)
+ Thang đo bổ sung cho hiệu chuẩn
Thang đo cưỡng bức: 1-40,0 (100-4000) А / сm (А / m)
Chu kỳ đo: 5 giây
Từ tính: xung
Thang đo bổ sung cho hiệu chuẩn: 7
Nguồn: pin Li-Ion
Thời lượng pin: 8 giờ
Kích thước của máy đo: 270x230x70 mm
Kích thước của đầu dò: 200x170x70 mm
Gói tiêu chuẩn: Máy chính, adapter AC/ sạc, cáp kết nối PC, phần mềm cho PC, hướng dẫn sử dụng, túi đựng

Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2

Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 is designed for non-destructive testing of chemical-thermal, thermal and thermomechanical treatments, evaluation of mechanical properties and residual stresses.

Steel structure analyzer is used to determination of mechanical properties, and measurement the hardness of metal products, as well as measurements of products from ferromagnetic alloys in the presence of correlations between the studied parameters. In addition, the device is used for testing the surface layer of ferromagnetic material for grading the metal in steel grades.

KRC-M2 has an electromagnet transmitter with integrated Hall sensor and removable pole tips.

The operation principle of the device is consist in following: initially is performed a magnetization of area of the tested object and after that its subsequent progressive demagnetization by the increasing field. Next, it is the fixation the intensity of magnetic field in accordance with the coercive force of material of tested object and measurement the amplitude of signals from the Hall sensor.

The main area of using the Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 – is analys the stress-strain state and residual life of pipelines, elevators, cranes and lifts, pressure vessels, steel cables of bridges also it used in engineering and metallurgical industries.

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