Cảm biến đo độ pH Sensorex S272 (0-2.000.000 uS/cm)

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Hãng sản xuất: Sensorex

Model: S272 

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

SKU: S272CD-1

Dải đo: 0-14 pH (lỗi ion NA +> 12.3pH)

Phạm vi nhiệt độ: 0-100⁰ C

Phạm vi áp suất: 0 - 100 PSIG

Vật liệu thân: Ryton Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Thời gian hồi đáp: 95% trong 1 giây

Đồng vị: 7,00 pH

Kết nối: 3/4 ″ MNPT để nhận chìm hoặc nội tuyến

Tùy chọn điện áp đầu vào:


24V DC - 4-20mA & MODBUS

Kết nối: BNC hoặc dẫn đóng hộp

Chiều dài cáp: 10 feet (3 mét) hoặc 20 feet (6 mét)

Chi tiết



Your Water Measurements Matter to Us
At Sensorex, we believe that even the most complex water analysis should be fast and simple to perform. Sensorex specializes in the design and manufacture of pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity and TDS sensors, and other electrochemical and optical measurement technologies. We’ve introduced some ground-breaking technologies since our initial launch in 1972, and today, we remain focused on the continual advancement of water quality monitoring products.
Trusted by over 250 market leaders in water treatment applications, Sensorex offers industry leading application support and rapid prototyping. With our web store and network of domestic and international distribution partners, we deliver a seamless buying experience and fast delivery.
In addition to our factory and headquarters in Garden Grove, California, United States, Sensorex now has manufacturing capability in Europe. We offer localized support with sales and customer service representatives based in Germany, Czech Republic, and India.
Why Choose Us?
    Individualized technical and product support
    Easy online ordering with lightning fast delivery
    Simple and reliable water analysis tools
    International sales, distribution, and manufacturing
    Unrivaled application support & rapid prototyping
    Tons of free educational resources


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