Trạm hàn BGA ShuttleStar SP360C

Kích thước PCB : 430mmX350mm
Độ dày PCB : 0.5~4mm
Điều chỉnh bàn làm việc: Trước/sau ±120mm , Trái/ phải ±80mm
Điều khiển nhiệt độ: Cặp nhiệt kế kiểu K, vòng kín
Công suất hoạt động: 4000W
Bộ nhiệt trên ( khí nóng ): 1200W
Bộ nhiệt dưới ( khí nóng ): 800W
Bộ nhiệt IR: 2400
Nguồn cung: AC 220V 4KW
Kích thước & trọng lượng BGA: Max size:55mmX55mm; Min size:7mmX7mm, max 80g
Kích thước máy:  650*500*600mm
Trọng lượng: 36kg

Chi tiết

Made of high quality heating material; desoldering and soldering procedures of
 BGA are precisely controlled;
Movable heating head, which is able to move freely horizontally, easy to operated;
Embedded industrial computer, PLC control, real-time profile display, able to
  display set profile and practically-tested profile; big size screen, easy to operate;
Profile saving no limit in this industrial computer, can analyze the two
 practically-tested profiles, can input both English and Chinese;
The temperatures of the upper and lower hot air heaters can be precisely controlled
  according to their specific temperatures. The infrared constant temperature heating
  zone at the bottom area and the appropriate temperature-control settings make the
  rework safer and more reliable.
The supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to
restrain local sinkage.
Powerful cross flow fans cool the lower heating area rapidly;
The adjustable PCB positioning support, onto which the special fixtures for alloyed
board could be installed, enables easy and fast positioning of the PCB board;
Buzz after soldering is finished or desoldering; Hand vacuum pen is adjustable for
removing BGA;
Both the upper and lower parts are equipped with over-temperature alarming and
 protection apparatus.
With different alloy hot gas nozzles, easy to replace. It could be tailored as per the
specific requirements.
The integrated design of machine and chassis is room-saving. could be altered to
The software can be updated to auto-profile in future by USB, no need to set profiles.

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