Trạm hàn Chíp set BGA ShuttleStar SV550

PCB Size : W20*D20~W550*500
Độ dày PCB :0.5~4mm
Điều chỉnh bàn làm việc: Trước/ sau ±120mm , Trái/phải ±80mm
Điều khiển nhiệt độ: Cặp nhiệt kiểu K, vòng kín
Bộ sấy hồng ngoại: 3600W
Bộ nhiệt trên khí nóng: 1200W
Bộ nhiệt dưới khí nóng: 800W
Nguồn cung: 1 pha 220v,50/60Hz
Kích thước BGA: 1*1~70*70mm, 300g
Kích thước máy: L850*W750*H630
Trọng lượng: Khoảng 80kgs

Chi tiết


Hot air heater head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1, driven by step electric motor,
have both the auto soldering and mounting function;
Three heaters( upper/lower hot air heater, bottom IR heater) heating independently,
 time and temperature can be displayed digitally on touch screen;
Upper heater is movable, convenient for operation;
Large movable bottom IR heating area, PCB clamps can be adjusted along with
X & Y table flexibly, the max PCB size it can handle up to 550*500mm;
Powerful cross flow fans cool the bottom heating area rapidly with stable speed;
Color optical system with functions of split vision, zoom in/out and micro-adjust,
 equipped with aberration detection device; with auto focus and software operation function,
27 X optical focus, able to rework BGA sized up to 70*70mm;
Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface, PLC control, real-time profile display,
 able to display set profile and 5 practically tested profile at the same time;
 can analyze the five practically-tested profiles;
Color LCD monitor;
Built-in vacuum pump,  60 °rotation in φ angle, mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable;
8 segments of temperature up(down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, 
profile saving is unli-mited in the industrial computer;
Suction nozzle can identify material and mounting height automatically, 
and can control the air pressure within a small range of 30-50g;

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