PACE XR 3500 实时X射线检测系统(50kV)

- Ideal for inspecting BGAs, CSPs and other components for solder bridging, cold solder joints, missing solder balls and solder voids. Use as a stand-alone inspection system with composite video compatible monitor (not included) or in conjunction with the PACE TF or IR series BGA Area Array System to compare real-time images to a user built library for easy identification of process defects. Store images electronically too.

- Images can be viewed, stored and managed through software or viewed on a stand-alone monitor
- Real-time X-Ray images gives you immediate feedback
- CameraHigh resolution with 7-40 X Zoom
- Max PCB Size:760 mm x Unlimited (30" x unlimited)
- Focal Spot: 0.2mm (.008")
- Focal spot to image distance plane: 124mm (4.875")
- Adjustments:
+ Voltage (10 to 50kv),
+ Amperage,
+ Live or Capture Video signal,
+ Frame averaging up to 32000 frames, & Video Gain Adjustment
- Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mmv
- Opening Clearance:  19mm (.75") 230 V System

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