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Casella Guardian2 大気粒子計数器、振動、風速、風向を測定


Sensitivity: 1ug/m3

Zero stability: +/-2ug/m3

Size fractions: Simultaneous PM10, PM2.5 & PM1.0

Inlet: Heated to reduce moisture affecting



Accuracy: Class 1 to IEC61672-1

Parameters: LAeq, LAmax, LAmin, LA10%, LA90%, 10 hour LAeq

Measurement range: 20-140dB RMS

Calibration: Via optional acoustic calibrator


Transducer type: Geophone outputting PPV and Hz data

Number of channels: 3-axis

Frequency range: 2-250 Hz

Measurement range: +/- 200 mm/s

Resolution: 0.01 mm/s

Environmental rating: IP65

Wind Speed: 0-60m/s

Accuracy: +/-2%

Resolution: 0.01m/s

Threshold: 0.01m/s

Wind Direction: 0-359° (No deadband)

Accuracy: +/-3%

Resolution: 0.1 degrees

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