Castle Sonus GA216L Logging Sound Level Meter ( Class 2, 70-140 dB )

  • Manufacturer: Castle
    Model: GA216L/70-140
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Manuafacturer: FairviewMicrowave
Model : GA216L
Origin: UK
Warranty : 12 month

Instrument Standards: IEC 61672-1 : 2002
Range: 70-140 dB
Display range: 69-143 dB
Peak range: 80-143 dB
Measurement Channels: Two
Parameters : Lp, Leq, Lmax, APeak, Cpeak, Zpeak, LE, Pa2h, Lep’d, Noise Dose, Noise Dose Per Hour, L10, L90, Ln (user selectable), Measurement Run Time, Overload, Interval Duration
Linear Operating range: 70 dB
Frequency Weighting:‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’
Time Weighting: Slow, Fast and Impulse
Percentiles: L10, L90 hoặc L1 , L5 , L50 , L95 , L99
Exchange rate: 3dB, 4dB or 5dB
Criterion Level: 75dB, 80dB, 85dB or 90dB
Threshold Level: -5dB, -10dB or OFF
Memory: 2100 Data Intervals Maximum in one or multiple recordings
Microphone (Type Free Field): Sound Meter Operation: ACO 7052 pre-polarized ½” condenser microphone, 25mV/Pa
Microphone Preamplifier: Sound Meter Operation, Fixed Preamplifier
Noise Floor: <18.5dB(A) , <18.6dBC , <20.5dB(Z)
Display: LCD with Contrast Control, digit size 7mm x 5mm
Batteries: 1 x PP3 (9V), 12h
External Power: 12v - 18v
Connections: 9 Pin Multi Purpose I/O Socket for: USB (Cable Supplied), AC Output, External Power



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