Cell Instruments PST-01 Puncture Tester board puncture strength tester

  • Manufacturer: Cell Instruments
    Model: PST-01
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Cell Instruments

Model: PST-01

Warranty: 12 months

Test range: (1~48)J
Four gears: A <6J;  B<12J;  C<24J;  D<48J;
Resolution: 0.001J
Pressure head: (100±2)kpa
Friction sleeve resistance: <0.25J
Pyramidal head: edge length 60mm×60mm×60mm  height  25±0.7mm
Dimension: 900mm*410mm*800mm
Weight: 110kg
ISO 3036, ASTM D 781, DIN 53142, TAPPI T 803 , GB/T 2679.7, QB/T 1664

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