SYD-2806E Automatic Asphalt Softening Point Tester

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    Model: SYD-2806E
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Technical parameters:


1. Power supply: AC 220V (tolerance: -5%~+10%), 50 Hz;


2. Measurement range: +5.0°C~90±0.5°C, or +5.0°C~75±0.5°C;


3. Temperature resolution: 0.01 °C;


4. Stirrer: the stirring speed can be adjusted continuously;


5. Heating rate: it can be adjusted to 5.0±0.5°C/ min after 3 min;


6. Heating power: 800 W;


7. Cubage of beaker: 1000 ml;


8. Ambient condition: the room temperature should be less than 35 °C and keep stable. There should be no air convection.


9. Relative humidity: ≤85%;


10. Total power consumption: not more than 850 W

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The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T4507 “Test Methods for Softening Point of Asphalt” and T0606 “Asphalt Softening Point Test (Ring and Ball Methods)” in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is suitable to determine softening point of petroleum asphalt, coal pitch, liquid petroleum asphalt, and other asphalts.


Computer control, linearity heating, and automatic stirring, the instrument can determine two samples at the same time and show test data automatically after tests. It is convenient, efficient, and reliable. It is the desired instrument to determine softening point of asphalt for laboratory.

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