Chuang Wei CWPL PCB Punching Machine

  • Manufacturer: Chuangwei
    Model: CWPL
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Working area: 460*320mm
Working pressure: 0.45-0.7Mpa
Machine dimension: 930*880*1230mm
Cutting precision: ±0.05mm
Cycle time: 7.5s/cycle
Weight: 650KG
Output: 8T
PCB/FPC thickness: 0.08-3.5MM
PCB/FPC material: FPC, FR1, FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, MCPCB
Cutting mode: Punching
Punch fixture: Die tooling(mold)
Working Property: LCD display, Automatically records the number of processed products, automatic punching
Transmission port: International standard
Instruction system: International standard instruction system
Operation Language: English
Stroke: 50MM
Mold height: 130MM
Shut height: 80MM
Flat area: 530*320MM
Flat thickness: 38MM
Power: 380/220V
Fuse : 3A
Composition: Punching machine, Air cylinder, Ottomans, etc

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