Cometech QC-50AM2F Computerized Tensile (compression) testing machine (600kN)

  • Manufacturer: Cometech
    Model: QC-50AM2F
    Origin: Taiwan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Cometech 

Model: QC-50AM2F

Origin: Taiwan

Warranty: 12 months

Max. Capacity: 600kN

Units: Force: gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short); Pressure: Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg

Force Precision: 1/100,000

Force Resolution: 31 bits

Test stroke: 1500mm (w/o grip)

Stroke resolution: 0.0001mm

Space between columns: 550mm

Speed range:   0.0002 ~ 330 mm/min

Speed accuracy: High speed mode: 0.02 ~ 330 mm/min; Low speed mode: 0.0002~2 mm/min

PC-Port: RJ45(TCP/IP)

Data sampling rate: 1200Hz (Max.)

Hardware safety protection: upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop

Motor type: Servo Motor

Power Supply: 3 phase 200V-240 V, 5A

Dimension: 155 x 85 x 295 cm

Weight: Around 2350kg



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