DET P-806 cable fault location receiver

- With acoustic generator GZCH-2500:
Route tracing of cables and metallic gas and water pipes  using inductive method
Cable selection from a bunch
Accurate location of cable faults according to the twist method 
- With surge wave generators SWG/SWGB-series
Location of insulation damage of high-voltage power cables using acoustic method .

Standard sensors:
Ground acoustic sensor      
Induction sensor      
Potential hand electrodes

Receiver has three channels:
  — induction sensor channel, intended for receipt of signals of magnetic field with frequencies 1050 and 2070 Hz and bandwidth about 10 Hz.;
  — acoustic sensor channel, intended for receipt of little ground shocks, which arise from discharge for damaged cable of high-voltage capacitor with high capacitance (Surge Wave Generator);
— synchronization channel, intended for receipt on internal induction sensor of magnetic field signals of cable during discharge on a cable of surge wave generator

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