EBP DV-1AT-5.6 Digital Micro Vickers hardness tester

  • Manufacturer: EBP
    Model: DV-1AT-5.6
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: EBP

Model: DV-1AT-5.6 

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months


Hardness Scale: HV0.01, HV0.025, HV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1

Conversion Scale: HRA, HRB, HRC, HBS, HBW, HRD, HRF, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, HK

Test force:

1. gf: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000

2. N: 0.098, 0.245, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.9, 9.8


1.Focus: Manual focus

2.Loading: Automatic loading - dwell - unloading test force

3. Turret: Automatic turret

Magnification: 10X Digital eyepiece; 10X, 40X Objective lens Total magnification: 100X (observation), 400X (measuring)

Indenter: Standard Micro Vickers diamond indenter 136°±0.5°

Dwell time: 1-99s (unit: 1 second)

Data display: 5.6  inch digital touch screen

Data storage: Yes, turn-off machine memory will automatic save

Data output: Built-in printer

X-Y table: Size: 100x100mm; Max. Move range: 25x25mm

Light source: Halogen lamp (image more real and clear, light source strength is adjustable )

Test space: 85x115mm (HxD)

Weight: Net weight: 52kg;  Gross weight: 61kg

Size: Machine size: 490*185*515mm; Packing size: 630*430*860mm (LxWxH)

Delivery Packing List:

Machine host 1 pc

Screwdriver 1 pc

Weights 6 pc

Allen wrenches 1 set

Weights rod 1 pc

Horizontal adjusting screw 4 pcs

X-Y test table 1 pc

Power cable 1 pc

Thin specimen fixture 1 pc

10X digital eyepiece 1 pc

Flat mouth fixture 1 pc

Standard HV hardness block 2 pcs

Drill head fixture 1 pc

Fuse 1 pc

Gradienter 1 pc

Dust proof 1 pc

Quality certificate 1 pc

Manual book 1 pc


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