EBP K-1M Micro Knoop Hardness Tester

  • Manufacturer: EBP
    Model: K-1M
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: EBP

Model: K-1M

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Turret: Manual Turret

Testing force: 10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g (1.96N), 300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N) Test force error: ±1.0%

Hardness scale: HK0.01, HK0.025, HK0.05, HK0.1, HK0.2, HK0.3, HK0.5, HK1, HK2

Loading speed: ≤50μm/sec

Indenter: Standard Knoop diamond indenter

Min. measuring unit: 0.25μm

Hardness value rang: 1HK-4000HK

Hardness Value of Reading: Digital LCD Screen (62x44mm)

Total magnification: 100X (For Observation) , 400X (For Measurement) (Can be extended to 150X or 600X)

Loading method: Automatically (Load, dwell and unload the testing force)

Duration time: 1-99s (each step is 1 second)

Objective lens center and indenter center: Coincidence accuracy error < 1um 

Maximum height: 85mm

Throat depth: 115mm

Instrument size and Net weight: 490×185×515mm (L×W×H)       43kg

Packing size and Gross weight: 625*430*900mm ( LxWxH)       57kg

Light Source: LED Cold light source (can be continuous use for 24 hours, no heat generate ensure stable working, servicing life can reach 100,000 hours)

Power Supply: 220V + 5%, 50/60 Hz (110V is available)

X-Y Testing Table: Dim.:100×100 mm, Max. Travel Range: 25×25mm, Moving Resolution Ratio: 0.01mm (Digital X-Y Testing Table with digital LCD Screen for Optional)

Data Output: Built-in Printer; Built-in RS-232 interface 

Executed Standard: GB/T4340, ASTM E384 & E92, EN-ISO 6507, JIS B-7734

Standard Accessories:

1 piece: 10X micrometer eyepiece ; 10X and 40X objective lens; Knoop indenter; X-Y Testing Table; Flat fixture; sheet specimen fixture, Small parts fixture; Gradienter; Power line; Dust cover; Manual Book; Hardness Conversion Tables; Certificate of quality; Warranty Card; Accessory case 

2 pieces: Standard hardness block 

4 pieces: horizontal adjusting screw

Optional Purchase Accessories Image analysis software; Metallographic equipment; Vickers Indenter; hardness block; 15X micrometer eyepiece


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