EBP GP-2A Grinding & Polishing machine (100 ~ 1000rpm)

  • Manufacturer: EBP
    Model: GP-2A
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: EBP

Model: GP-2A

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Grinding and Polishing Disc Diameter: 230mm 

Abrasive Paper Diameter: 230mm 

Rotating Speed: 100~1000r/min, stepless 

Or four speed 250r/min, 500r/min, 750r/min, 1000r/min

Rotating Direction: Clockwise or Anticlockwise 

Electromotor: DC brushless motor, 220V, 400W 

Sample Holding Quantity: 4 pcs 

Sample Holder Specification: Φ22mm, Φ30mm, Φ45mm (choose one) Pressure Method: Single pneumatic pressure 

Pressure Force: 0~8kg 

Rotating Speed of Grinding Head: 20~120r/min, stepless 

Time Setting: 0~99min 

Electromotor of Grinding Head: DC brushless deceleration motor, 220V, 100W 

Dimensions: 757×623×645mm

Weight: 78kg


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