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ESCO MIRI® AVT Anti-Vibration Table (1200 × 800 × 800 mm)

Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 1200 × 800 × 800 mm.

Material: Powder-painted mild steel/Stainless steel.

Float Size: 540 × 340.

Recommended load weight: 26-32 kg.

Damping coefficient (6 Hz): ~0.1.

Amplitude (6 Hz): <1 µm.

The spectrum of the vertical vibration velocity with the additional mass of 47 kg.

Resonance frequency: 5-5.29 Hz.

When employing highly sensitive laboratory balances, microscopes, and other high-precision equipment, an Anti-Vibration Table (MIRI® AVT) is a specialized work surface that can be utilized to considerably reduce vibrations and disruptions. AVTs are often employed in laboratory settings while performing precise weighing tests, testing, and scientific analysis. They are made of shock-resistant materials including steel, and rubber.



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