Garland ATS-700I automatic locking screw machine

  • Manufacturer: Garland
    Model: ATS-700I
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Garland

Model: ATS-700I

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Number of operators: 1 person or no one

model: Floor-standing integrated

Dimensions: L*W*H——1045*1000*1330(mm)

weight: 250KG

Operating area: Protective

Reclaiming method: Vacuum suction

Number of electric batches: 2PCS

Number of feeders: 2PCS

Number of work stations: 2PCS

Fixture: custom made

Gas source: 0.4-0.8MPa, oil-free, dry

power supply: 220V 50HZ

power: 500W

Applicable screw specifications: Below M6

effectiveness: 1.5-2.0s/piece

NPL ratio: 1‰ or less (in number of screws)

speed: X, Y, Z-800, 800, 800mm/s

Precision: +/-0.02mm

Applicable product size: L*W*H--400*400*100(mm)

Alarm item: Sliding teeth, leaking, floating height (optional)

Electric batch torque: Adjustable

Operation interface: touch screen

Coordinate storage: 60

Number of locks: 290

control unit: 4+4 axis motion controller

power: Stepper motor / servo motor

Transmission method: Precision timing belt / roller screw

Operating mode: Front/front take, front/back

Model switching time: Within 30 minutes (take 100 pieces of screws as an example)

Data communication: USB port export (optional)

annex: Coordinate adjustment handle


- This machine is a floor-standing design, suitable for screws with M3 and below, and larger product sizes. 

With double screw feeder, it can effectively save the lock time and effectively improve the stability of the whole machine. 

There is no strict requirement on the screw type and the length to diameter ratio. 

The working mode is single player mode and unmanned mode, which can be freely selected according to production needs.


-Applicable to products with large outer dimensions.

-Suitable for high-difference products with locked heights

-: 1.5S-2.0S/piece

-Can completely replace manual lock screw station

-wherein when a screw feeder repair fails or is removed, the machine can still work normally

-applied to the same two different head diameter screw


-Can store a variety of products, screw coordinates are

-stable and reliable

-Easy to learn and use


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