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Gigahertz-Optik ISD-1.6-Si-FC-4 Detector head for the measurment of radiant flux (W) (Plug type 4)

-Sphere diameter: 16 mm

-Size input optic: 3 mm

-Spectral range: 400 - 1100nm

-Coating: Bariumsulfate

-Rise time: 100 ns

-Max. signal current: 1 mA

-Typical responsivity: 2.10E-04 A/W @ 633 nm

-Measurement ranges: 

min (0.1 pA): 4.76E-10 W

max (200 µA): 9.52E-01 W

max (1 mA): 4.76 W

-Temperature range:

Application: (10 to 30)°C

Storage: (-10 to 50)°C

-Humidity: The device must not be exposed to high humidity. Range 20% ~ 70% RH not condensing.



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