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Gigahertz-Optik P-2110 Optometer respectively Current Amplifier for Radiometric or Photometric Applications

-Display: large color Touchscreen with LED backlight which ca be switched on and off.

-Detector interface: ITT (-5 & -4), adapter to 9pin DSUB available

-Analog output: Output voltage corresponding to the input current and range of the signal amplifier. Connection plug: DSUB

-Measured Quantity: Ampere (absolutely calibrated), light measurement units depending on the used detector head. Ratio as a percentage, logarithmic and as a factor

-Signal amplifier: Transimpedance amplifier with voltage amplifier connected in series. A total of eight gain levels with both manual and automatic selection of the measurement range.

-CW integration time: 100 μs – 5.9999 s

-Pulse integration time: 10 ms – 199.99 s

-Offset correction: Exceeding correction range

-Parameter adjustment: Remote or using using touchscreen. Settings are permanently saved (EEPROM).


Saved in the detector terminal (EEPROM). Tables for calibration values of the spectral responsivity values are supported. Interpolation between two wavelength points are also possible. Manual input of a calibration value via the key pad is also possible.

-Key pad: 3 buttons + color touchscreen

-Interface: USB-C, RS232, RS485


USB-C (Charging, interface)

DSUB (Trigger In/Output, RS232, RS485, Analog-Out)

ITT (Detector)

-Temperature range:

Operating: (10 to 30)°C

Storage: (-10 to 50)°C

-Dimensions: 200 mm x 105 mm x 34 mm / 400 g

-Power Supply: 5V DC by USB-C

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

-Humidity: <80%, non-condensing

-Info: Regular recalibration of the current calibration is recommended. Especially when very small measurement currents have to be measured. In the case of very high humidity, fault currents of the radiometer are possible at low measuring currents and should be taken into account.

-Measurement ranges: 8 (2.000 mA to 0.1 pA) manual or autorange



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