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Gigahertz-Optik PS-3702 (-4 Connector) Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) detector (ITT connector)

Spectral responsivity: Phototropism Actinic 320 nm - 500 nm

Typical responsivity: 2 nA/(µMol·m²·s)

Max. signal current: 1 mA

Size input optic: 15 mm Ø Diffuser

Temperature range: 5 - 40°C

Cable Length: 2 m

Plug Types: -4

min. signal current: depends on optometer

Measurement ranges: 

min (0.1 pA NEI): 5.00E-05 µMol·m²·s

max (200 µA): 1.00E+05 µMol·m²·s

max (1 mA): 5.00E+05 µMol·m²·s



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