Global Water FSS300 Integrated Flow Sampling System (GL500-7-2)

  • Manufacturer: GLobal Water
    Model: FSS300
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Global Water

Model: FSS300 

Order No.: BRC100

Warranty: 12 months

Sample Size: 15 composite sample sizes from 50ml to 2 liters plus a Full Bottle discrete setting (Approximate sizes at 4 foot head)

Operating Temperature: 32° to +158°F (0° to +70°C)


     Enclosure: Expanded UV protected PVC

     Bottle: 2.5 gallon Polyethylene

     Pickup Hose: 15 ft (4.6 m) reinforced PVC 1/4 inch ID polyethylene flexible tubing section with intake strainer

     Pump Tubing: Norprene 1/4 inch ID, 7/16 inch OD

Sample Pump:

     Flow Rate: 1000 ml per minute at a 4 foot head

     Type: Peristaltic

     Maximum Lift: ~20 feet (6 m)

Battery: Rechargeable 12V 5 AH Gel Cell

Battery Life: ~1 hour, continuous pumping under load

Standby: 3 months while still retaining enough power to run the pump to capacity

Flow Sampling System Open Channel Flow Monitor

Display/Keypad: 16 character x 2 line LCD backlit, 8-button tactile keypad


     Flow: 7 digit maximum

     Totalizer: 9 digit maximum

     Level: 5 digit maximum

Display Resolution: 3 decimal places maximum, Auto-adjusting

Accuracy: Sensor accuracy + equation/table error + 0.1% + 1 digit


     Level: Feet, inches, meters, centimeters

     Volume: Cubic feet, gallons, million gallons, cubic meters, liters

     Time: Seconds, minutes, hours, days

     Flow: 20 Combinations of volume and time units above

Level Sensor Input: 4-20mA 2-Wire or 3-wire, 0-5VDC, 0-1VDC

Output: One 4-20mA scalable, 4 independent SPDT relays (8A @ 250VAC, 5A @ 30VDC resistive)

Power: 12VDC or 18-24VDC Input, +/-10%

Current Draw: 150mA Maximum, <13mA in Power Saving Mode

Flow Sampling System Datalogger

NOTE: FSS100 does not include datalogger

Memory: Non-volatile flash memory

Power: 12VDC rechargeable battery

Standby Current: 70uA Typical

Logging Current: 5mA Typical

Analog Sensor Inputs: 4-20mA

     Resolution: 12-Bit, 4096 Steps

     Sensor Warm-up Time: Programmable, 0-60 Sec

     5 Input channels + flow rate + relay state + battery voltage monitor

Digital Inputs:

     Maximum Input Voltage: 24VDC

     Maximum Frequency: 100Hz

     Minimum Pulse Width: 2mS

     Maximum Count: 65,535 (16-Bit)

     FSS300: 2

Sample Now Input: Sample-on-Demand input, software enabled 

     Maximum Input Voltage: 24VDC

     Minimum Pulse Width: 2mS

Sample Modes:

     Fixed Interval Programmable from 1 Sec. to >1 Year

     High Speed 10 Samples per second

     Logarithmic Sample Rate (Approximation)

     Exception (Log only on deviation from previous reading)

Storage Capacity:40,879 Recordings for all inputs plus time

     Data Overwrite: Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)

Communication Ports:RS-232 DB9 or USB Type B

     Selectable Baud Rates: 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200

Clock: Synchronizes to the time and date of user's computer

Operating Temperature: Industrial, -40 to +185°F (-40 to +85°C) (Battery may not apply)

Enclosure: 22x17x9 inch (56x43x23 cm) (HxWxD)

Weight: 22lb (10 kg)



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