• Manufacturer: GLOBAL
    Model: R500
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Model:  R500
Manufacturer: Global
Warranty:12 months
Moves like a caterpillar on the floor
Retreats when objects touch the antenna sensor
Rights itself using the tilt sensor when the caterpillar falls over
Antenna LEDs change color when making contact with objects
8 degrees of freedom
Programmable in C and comes with many sample programs
IR receiver allows for control with a universal remote (not included)
The transparent body is fitted with LEDs and looks great in the dark
ATMEGA16 Processor
Various available I/Os
I2C bus expandable
Download programs with the included RobotLoader software
Comes unassembled as a kit (minor soldering required)
Processor Memory 16 kB flash ROM, 1 kB SRAM, 512 B EEPROM
Speed 16 MIPS at 16 MHz
Power 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
Robot Weight .70 lbs with batteries
Robot L x W x H 19 x 3 x 4 in.



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