HORIBA 6560S-10C Chloride ion electrode

  • Manufacturer: HORIBA
    Model: 6560S-10C
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 3 month
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Measurement Range: 

0.35 - 35,000 mg/L Cl-

1 x 10-5 - 1 mol/L Cl-

Temperature Range: 0 - 50 ºC

pH Range: pH 3 - 11 (350 mg/L Cl-)

Accuracy: ± 2%

Internal Electrode: Ag/AgCl 

Internal Solution: 1 mol/L KNO3

Liquid Junction: Movable sleeve

Connector & Cable Length: BNC, 1m

Dimensions: 150mm (length), 16.5mm (diameter)

Wetted Part Materials: PVC, PSU, AgCl

Slope: -53 to -62 mV/decade

Selection Coefficient: S2O32-, S2-, I-, Ag+, Hg2+ = Not acceptable

SCN- = 0.3, MnO4- = 0.1, Br- = 0.03: NO3-, F-, HCO3-, SO42-, PO42-= 1000

-Package Contents:

Chloride Ion Electrode Tip

1000 mg/L Chloride Ion Standard Solution (50ml)

100 mg/L Chloride Ion Standard Solution (50ml)

Chloride Ionic Strength Adjustor (50ml)

Chloride Electrode Filling Solution (50ml)



Protective Pipe

Water-resistant abrasive sheet


-Accessories and Solutions:

7660S: Chloride Ion Electrode Tip

500-CL-IFS: Chloride Ion Electrode Filling Solution (500ml)

500-CL-SL: 100 mg/L Chloride Ion Standard Solution (500ml)

500-CL-SH: 1000 mg/L Chloride Ion Standard Solution (500ml)

500-CL-ISA: Chloride Ionic Strength Adjustor (500ml)


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