HORIBA 9618S-10D Micro ToupH electrode (for low-volume samples)

  • Manufacturer: HORIBA
    Model: 9618S-10D
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 3 month
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Manufacturer: HORIBA

Model: 9618S-10D

Origin: Japan

Warrenty: 3 months

-pH Range: 0 to 14

Temperature Range: 0 to 60

Liquid Junction: Ceramic

Temperature Sensor: Integrated

Cable: 1m

Connectors: BNC, phono jack

Overall Length: 185mm

Diameter: 3mm

Filling Solution: 525-3 or 300 (3.33M KCl)



This glass-body, refillable pH electrode with temperature sensor can measure samples as low as 50µL.

  • Compatible with extremely small sample containers (e.g., microtubes)
  • Temperature sensor is placed beside the bulb for quick response
  • Waterproof

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