HT Instrument PQA820 Basic Power Quality Analyzer (Water proof, with Wi-Fi, compatible with HTAnalysis™)

  • Manufacturer: HT Instruments
    Model: PQA820
    Origin: Italy
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: HT Instrument

Model: PQA820

Items:  PQA820 

Origin: Italy

Warranty: 12 months

DC Voltage: 10.0~265.0V; ±(0.7% rdg + 0.4V) 

AC TRMS Voltage – Phase to Neutral: 10.0~265.0V; ±(0.5% rdg + 0.2V) 

AC TRMS Voltage – Phase to Phase: 50.0~460V; ±(1.0% rdg + 0.2V)

Voltage Anomalies – Phase to Neutral:  15.0~265.0; ±(1.0% rdg + 2dgt)

DC TRMS Current by external clamp transducer – STD clamps 

5.0~219.9; ±(0.7% rdg + 1mV)

220.0~999.9 mV; ±0.7% rdg 

AC TRMS Current by external clamp transducer – STD clamps 



AC TRMS Current by external clamp transducer – Flex (100A AC range – 85uV/A)

0.085 ~ 8.50mV; ±(0.5% rdg +0.007mV) 

AC TRMS Current by external clamp transducer – Flex (1000A AC range – 85uV/A) 

0.425 ~ 85.0mV;  ±(0.5% rdg +0.15mV)

Frequency: 42.5 ~ 65.0 Hz; ±(0.2% rdg + 0.1Hz) 

DC Power – (Vmeas>200V): 0~9999kW

Power/Energy – (Vmeas>200V, Pf=1): 0~9999kW

Power factor (Cosφ): 0.20~1.00


Internal power supply: Rechargeable battery, battery life approx. 1 hour

External power supply: By mean Red/Yellow plugs, 100~415V, 50/60Hz

 45mA@100V, 30mA@230V, 20mA@415V 


PC (Windows), Tablet/Smartphone(iOS, Android): USB (PC only) / WiFi


Dimensions (L x W x H): 245 x 210 x 110mm

Weight: 1.5kg 


Reference temperature: 23°C ± 5°C

Working temperature: 0~40°C

Allowed relative humidity: <80%HR

Storage temperature: -10~60°C

Storage humidity: <80%HR 

Included Accessories:

• C2033X 3-banana to Shuko plug cable

• KITGSC5 Kit including 4 cables, 4 alligator clips and 2 test leads

• KITTERRNE Soft carrying bag containing 4 cables and 4 earth rods

• PR400 Remote switch probe

• PT400 Stylus

• BORSA2051 Soft carrying bag

• TOPVIEW2006 PC software and optical-to-USB connection cable C2006

• YABAT0003000 Rechargeable NiMH battery 1.2V, AA, 6 pcs

• YABAT0004000 External battery charger for 8 pcs. type AA batteries

• Quick user’s guide

• User’s manual on CD-ROM

• Calibration certificate ISO9000





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