HEF-301 Huatec Handheld Eddy Current Testing Equipment , Precise Eddy Current Flaw Detector

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: HEF-301
    Origin: China
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

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 - Frequency range: 64 Hz~5 MHz (adjustable)
 - Gain range: 0~90 dB, adjustable in step of 0.5 dB
 - Phase rotation: 0~360 , adjustable in step of 1
 - Fast digital/analogue electronic balance
 - Impedance plan display window
 - Delay disappear of signal track
 - Menu type man-machine dialog
 - Communication by USB port (connect with USB and other removable storage devices) or network port (connect with PC)
 - Digital filter
 - Optional in absolute probe, differential probe and self- comparing probe
 - The alarm area is adjustable
 - Boundary dimension: 183x120x44 (mm)
 - Weight: 600g
 - Gross weight:4kgs



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