Huatec FJ-6600 γ ray , Soft / Hard β X-Ray Flaw Detector Soil Surface Radiation Pollution Detection

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: FJ-6600
    Origin: China
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-Measurement ranges:
dose equivalent rate (137Cs): 0.01 μSv/h~10mSv/h
dose equivalent (137Cs): 0.01uSv~9999Sv
-Energy ranges
X and Gamma radiation: 40Kev~3.0Mev
Beta radiation : 0.5~3.0MeV
- Energy dependence: ≤±25%(relative to 137Cs)
- Relative errors : ≤±10%(in 20uSv/h)
- Dose rate and dose alarm threshold value: full range can be adjusted
- Protective alarm response time: not more than 3 seconds (in 10 uSv/h)
-Display unit
Dose rate : uSv/h,mSv/h,Sv/h automatic conversion
Dose : uSv , mSv ,Sv automatic conversion
-Battery : One AAA battery
- Operating temperature range : -20°С~+50°С
- Weight and Dimensions: 120g ,125×55×26 mm


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