HUATEC HFD-1000 High stability multi-channel ultrasonic flaw detector HFD-1000 with 2 - 16 channels

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: HFD-1000
    Origin: China
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Frequency: broadband, 5MHZ, 10MHz third gear
repetition frequency: the highest repetition rate of 10kHz
sensitivity margin: The 2.5Pφ20Z probe detected DB-PZ20-2 test block, φ2 flat Kong Lingmin degree margin ≥ 46dB.
Resolution: ≥ 30dB.
Vertical linear error: ≤ 8% (output signal <4V)
Horizontal linear error: ≤ 1%
Dynamic Range: ≥ 30 dB
blind spot: <10mm
attenuator error: 12dB error ≤ 1dB
front door and wave-wave gate width adjustment range: 500us, the amount of 50ns step
Delay display range: 500us, the amount of 50ns step
Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz


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