PH-1S Huatec Portable and Acurate Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester , Multifunction Portable Hardness Tester

Main Technical Parameters

 Initial Test Force:                3kg

 Total Test Force:                  15kg, 30kg, 45kg

 Force Applying Method:         By screw

 Indenter:                             120°diamond cone

                                             Ф1.588mm carbide ball

 Accuracy:                             Meets the requirements of ISO6508

 Resolution:                           0.5HR

 Testing Range:                     HRN, HRT,HRW, HRX, HRY, etc. 15 scales.

 Application:                          All metals including iron, steel copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, carburized steel, nitrided steel etc.


Standard Package


 Bench stand

 120°diamond cone indenter

 Ф1.588mm carbide ball indenter

 3 superficial Rockwell test blocks

 V anvil (small)

 Extension (small)

 Base for standard test block (magnetic)

 Carrying case


Optional Accessories

 120°diamond cone indenter

 Ф1.588mm, Ф3.175mm carbide ball indenter

 Ф1.588mm, Ф6.35mm, Ф12.7mm steel ball indenter

 Standard test blocks (HR15N, HR30N,HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T)


 Raised spot anvil

 Slim raised spot anvil (flat top: Ф1.5mm, Ф2.5mm, Ф3.5mm)

 Diamond raised spot anvil

 Ball testing anvil

 Spare magnifier

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