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Huazheng HZ-108kVA/108kV Resonance Withstand Test Set

1. Variable frequency power source, 1 set: (customized accordingtouser’s demands)

Rated power: 6kVA;

Input voltage: single phase 220V or 380V±10% 45~65Hz

Output voltage: 0~200V adjustable (effective value)

Output voltage frequency: 30~300Hz

Regulation precision: coarse 2Hz stepping fine 0.1Hz stepping degree of instability 0.01%

Output current: 0~18A (maximum current varies along with different powers)

1.High-voltage electric reactor (4 sets in total): 27kV/1A(Thefollowingdata change according to different powers)

Rated operational voltage: 27kV

Rated operational current: 1A

Rated inductance value: 100H

Continuous working time: 60min

Temperature rise: less than 60° 

Operating frequency: 30~300Hz

2.Exciting transformer, 1 set (The following data change according to different powers)

Rated capacity: 6kVA

Input voltage: 200V/400V

Output voltage: 1.25/2.5/5kV, 1.25kV for 10kVtransformer substation system withstand voltage test; 2.5kV for 35kV transformer substation system withstand voltage test. 

3.Capacitive voltage divider, 1 set: 150KV capacitive (The following data change according to different voltages)

Capacitance of the device: 1000pF

Operating frequency: 30~300Hz

Degree of uncertainty: 1.5%

Rated voltage: 150kV/1000pF


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