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Huazheng HZ-20A-I Handheld Surge Arrester Characteristics Test Set

1. Voltage and current parameters:

Measurement item          Test range                          Test accuracy

Full current                       0-20mA                         ±(reading×5%+5uA)

Resistive current              0-20mA                         ±(reading×5%+5uA)

Capacitive current            0-20mA                         ±(reading×5%+5uA)

Current harmonics           0-20mA                         ±(reading×10%+10uA)

Reference voltage       Maximum 250V RMS        ±(reading×5%+0.5V)

Voltage harmonics       Maximum 250V RMS       ±(reading×10%)

2. Working temperature: -10℃~40℃

3. Ambient humidity: ≤85% without condensation

4. Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃

5. Dimensions: Host 360*290*170(mm),box 425*335*210(mm)

6. Instrument weight: Host 1.6KG, box 8KG

7. Length of test line: standard 10 meters, the length can be customized


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