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Huazheng HZGJC - 150KV Computer Controlled ASTM D149 Voltage Breakdown Tester

Input voltage: 220V 50HZ

Voltage measurement range: AC/DC 0-15 KV

Electrical capacity (power): 15 KVA

Overcurrent protection: 1-30 mA can be set freely by computer software

Boost rate: 0.5KV/s - 5 KV/s regardless file adjustable

Testable way: AC/DC test: 1. Uniform speed boost 2. Step boost 3. Withstand voltage test

AC and DC voltage measurement error: 1 .5%≤ (10~100)%

Withstand voltage time: 0~4 H (German standard 8 H or 15 H ) or set arbitrarily

Instrument size (length, width and height): 2100*1500*2100 mm

Host re- appointment: 1800kg


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