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Huazheng HZJF-9021 Dual Channel Partial Discharge Detector

Channel: 2 electrical signal interfaces, one external synchronization interface

Sampling accuracy: 12bit

Range switching: 60dB、50dB、40dB、30dB、20dB、10dB、0dB、-10dB

Frequency range: 80k-200kHz、40k-300kHz

Nonlinear error of this range: 5%

Measuring Range: 0.1pC~100000pC

Sensitivity: 0.1pC

Capacitance range: 6pF~250µF

Testing power supply frequency range: 50~400Hz


Display: 7” TFT Touch screen

Resolution: 800×480


Physical storage: 256MB DDR2 for running memory

SD card storage: Standard 16G card, can be upgraded to 32G, used to store test recordsand test data


RS232: Used for synchronous transmission interface with PC

USB: External mouse and keyboard, and external mobile storage device

Power supply: AC 220V

Electrical signal port: 2-channels BNC interface for signal input

SMAport: External synchronization interface

SD card slot: Can insert SD card up to 32G

Internet access: Extensible

Grounding Button: Used for grounding

General instructions

CPU: Basic frequency 533MHz

System: WINCE6.0

Environment temperature: -20℃ to 45℃

Storage environment temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

Volume: 350mm × 245mm × 175mm

Weight: 5.8kg



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