Kanomax 6332D High Temperature Anemometer

  • Manufacturer: KANOMAX
    Model: 6332D
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Kanomax

Model: 6332D

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

- Temperature Compensation Range: 

0.1-4.99 m/s; 5.00-9.99 m/s; 10.0-24.9 m/s; 25.0-50.0 m/s

5~40°C: ±0.25 m/s; ±0.50 m/s; ±1.25 m/s; ±2.50 m/s

40~80°C: ±0.35 m/s; ±0.70 m/s; ±1.75 m/s; ±3.50 m/s

- Selectable Output Option: (Set via onboard DIPswitch) Current output: DC 4~20mA (Max. load resistance: 250Ω); Voltage output: DC 0~5V

- Selectable Range Option: (Rotary Switch selectable) 0~2, 0~5, 0~10, 0~25, or 0~50 m/s

- Power Supply: DC 12~24V

- Display Resolution: 

Velocity Range: 0~2, 0~5, 0~10 m/s : Display Resolution: 0.01m/s

Velocity Range: 0~25, 0~50 m/s : Display Resolution: 0.1m/s

- Power Consumption (Reference Value):

Approx. 2.0W (Under the following conditions - power supply: 12V, air velocity: approx.

10m/s, using a unit with a display with probe model 0965-03.)

Power consumption rate is subject to change according to conditions such as air velocity, probe type and use of display.

- Connection Wire Size: 0.5 ~ 1.5 mm2

-Operating Temperature Range: 5 ~ 40°C

-Storage Temperature Range: -10 ~ 50°C

-Dimensions: Approx. 128(W)×78(D)×30(H) mm

-Weight: Approx. 320g (11oz.)

-Standard Accessory: Operation Manual : 1, Main Unit Case: 1

-Optional Accessory: Probe Cable (10m, 20m, 30m), Display Unit (Supplied with a case with a display window

and 2 installation screws.), Dedicated AC Adapter (DC12V)


- Featrure:

Airflow transducers are designed for fixed installation

Use on your production line quality control system

Monitor facility exhaust ventilation system.

Transducers feature 0 to 5 VDC or 4 to 20 mA analog output so you can send your data to other instruments such as data loggers, alarms, or controllers.

Selectable Output (Output can be set to either voltage (0 to 5V) or current (4 to 20mA))

- Applications:

Quality inspection of factory inspection line

Evaluation of thermal measures for PCBs

Air volume monitoring of local ventilation system

24-hour monitoring of in-house ventilation

Indoor farming



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