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KASAHARA TR-700Z On-site 90° Scattered Light Type Turbidity/SS Meter (0 ~ 500 độ, 0 ~ 500 mg/L)

Indication: LCD 4-digit (with backlight)

Measurement Criteria:

   Turbidity: 0 ~ 500 degrees (mg/L) (Designation: NTU)

    SS: 0 ~ 500 mg/L (SS conversion value)

    * If the relationship between turbidity and SS is other than 1:1, the SS setting range will change.


   0.1 degree: 0~100 range

    1 degree: 100~500 range

SS converter: Conversion factor (y=a+bx) (x=turbidity, y=SS) can be set.

Representations: Within 3% ± span (depending on standard solution)

Warning Points: 

   Upper and lower limits 1 circuit

for each A contact (no voltage) 

   Contact capacity: AC200V 1A (resistive load) or less

Power supply voltage: AC85~240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: Approx. 10VA or less

Ambient conditions: 

   Temperature: -5~45°C

   Humidity: 85%RH or less

Dimensions & Weight:

   Instrument body: 215×170×95, Approx. 1.75kg (with mounting plate)

   With hood: 244×196×105 Approx. 2.5kg (with mounting plate)

Standard Configurations: Instrument body (with mounting plate), immersion detector, Simple Span Calibrator, instruction manual



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