Kasuga KS-2100 Sensors

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    Model: KS-2100
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Model: KS-2100

Detection method: Vibration-type static sensor

Measuring ranges

Range 1: ±1 - ±2000V

  Range 2: ±0.01 - ±20.00kV

Analog output: 0 - ±5V

Measurement precision: Within ±10%

Standard measurement distance

Range 1: 10 mm

  Range 2: 50 mm

Alarm: LED lamp indication and external output of sensor failure

Power supply: DC12 - 24V±5%

Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)

Mass: Approx. 100 g (not including cable)

Accessories: Dedicated 5 m cable (can be extended to 100 m)

Model: KS-2100

Phương pháp phát hiện: Cảm biến tĩnh kiểu rung

Phạm vi đo

+Phạm vi 1: ± 1 - ± 2000V

+Phạm vi 2: ± 0,01 - ± 20,00kV

Đầu ra tương tự: 0 - ± 5V

Độ chính xác đo: Trong phạm vi ± 10%

Khoảng cách đo tiêu chuẩn

+Phạm vi 1: 10 mm

+Phạm vi 2: 50 mm

Báo động: Chỉ báo đèn LED và đầu ra bên ngoài của lỗi cảm biến

Nguồn cung cấp: dc - 24V ± 5 5

Môi trường hoạt động Nhiệt độ: 0 ° C-40 ° C, Độ ẩm: 65% rh trở xuống (không ngưng tụ)

Khối lượng: Khoảng. 100 g (không bao gồm cáp)

Phụ kiện: Cáp chuyên dụng 5 m (có thể kéo dài đến 100 m)



  • The amplifier section (driver circuit) is incorporated into the detector section, resulting in a low price and compact dimensions.
  • Allows low-cost building of typically expensive static monitoring systems.
  • Permits switching between measuring ranges, allowing measurement over a wide range from low potential to high potential.
  • The LED lamp informs of sensor failure and signals indicating the failure can be output externally.

Intended use

  • Monitoring of charge quantity in the production process of flat-panel displays
  • Monitoring of charge quantity of semiconductor wafers
  • Monitoring of charge quantity during a process of handling LSIs or conveyance of printed wiring boards


Detection methodVibration-type static sensor
Measuring rangesRange 1: ±1 - ±2000V
 Range 2: ±0.01 - ±20.00kV
Analog output0 - ±5V
Measurement precisionWithin ±10%
Standard measurement distanceRange 1: 10 mm
 Range 2: 50 mm
AlarmLED lamp indication and external output of sensor failure
Power supplyDC12 - 24V±5%
Operating environmentTemperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
MassApprox. 100 g (not including cable)
AccessoriesDedicated 5 m cable (can be extended to 100 m)


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