KEYSIGHT U3606B Multimeter - DC Power Supply

  • Manufacturer: KEYSIGHT
    Model: U3606B
    Origin: Malaysia
    Guarantee: 12 month
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  • 32,383,260 VND
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

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2 options: 5 ½ digit DMM & 30W DC supply

Reading Speed: 26 readings/s

Basic 1-Year DCV Accuracy: 0.025%

Measurement Functions:

                        DCV and ACV

                        DCI and ACI

                        2- and 4-wire Resistance



                        Diode test

Connectivity: USB, GPIB

DC voltage ranges: 19.9999 mV; 100 mV; 1 V; 10 V; 100 V; 1000 V.

DC current ranges: 10mA; 100mA; 1A; 3A.

Resistance ranges: 100Ω; 1000Ω; 10kΩ; 100kΩ; 1MΩ; 10MΩ; 100MΩ.

Low-resistance: 100 mΩ; 1000 mΩ; 10 Ω; 100 Ω; 1000 Ω;

Diode: 1.0000 V

Capacitance ranges: 1nF; 10nF; 100nF; 1µF; 10µF; 100µF; 1000 µF; 10000 µF

True rms AC voltage: 100mV, 1V to 750V

True rms AC current: 10mA to 3A

DC supply:

                   30 V/1 A, 100 mA/30 V, 8 V/3 A and 1000 mV/3 A

                   Excellent line/load regulation of up to 0.01%+3 mV

                   OVP and OCP load protection

Included accessories: USB cable, Power cord, IO Library, Quick guide, Calibration certificate, Product reference CD.




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