KYORITSU 2434 Leakage Clamp Meter (400mA/4/100A)

  • Manufacturer: KYORITSU
    Model: 2434
    Origin: Japan
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  • 4,404,500 VND
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AC A (50/60Hz) 400mA/4/100A ±2%rdg±4dgt
AC A (WIDE) 400mA/4/100A
|±2%rdg±4dgt [50/60Hz]
|±3%rdg±5dgt [40~400Hz]
Conductor Size Ø28mm max.
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V IEC 61010-2-032
Effect of External
Stray Magnetic Field
Ø15mm 100A
20mA AC max.
Frequency Response 40~400Hz
Withstand Voltage 3700V AC for 1 minute
Power Source R03 (AAA) (1.5V) × 2
Dimensions 169(L) × 75(W) × 40(D)mm
Weight 220g approx.
Accessories Carrying Case
R03 × 2
Instruction Manual
Optional 8008 (Multi-Tran)*

Warranty: 12 months
Manufacturer: Kyoritsu - Japan
Origin: Japan





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