Labstac AV143 Vertical Autoclave (100 L)

  • Manufacturer: Labstac
    Model: AV143
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Capacity: 100 L

Function: Fully automatic, No flow chart

Temperature Range: 5℃-138℃

Sterilization Temperature: 105-135°C

Warming Temperature: 45—60℃

Warming Time: 1—9999 min

Melting Temperature: 60-100

Melting Time: 1-300 min

Humidity Range: 10%-85% RH

Working Pressure: 0-0.6 MPa

Chamber Dimension: 400×800 mm

Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 620x680x1140 mm

Weight: 145/185 kg

Power: 4600 W

Power Supply: 220 V, 60 Hz


AX1001 Stainless steel baskets

AX1002 Drainage hose

AX1003 Exhauset bottle

Optional Accessories: 

AX1004 Printer

AX1005 Printing set

AX1006 Load thermometer

AX1007 Cooling fan

AX1008 Temperature controller

AX1009 Temperature sensor

AX1010 Pressure Sensor

AX1011 Heater

AX1012 Sealing ring

AX1013 Pressure gauge

AX1014 Stainless steel pail

AX1015 Relay

AX1016 Main board

AX1017 Display board

AX1018 Jiggle switch

AX1019 Handle

AX1020 Pressure switch

AX1021 Solenoid Valve

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