Labstac LO423 Orbital Shaker (40-200 rpm)

  • Manufacturer: Labstac
    Model: LO423
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Speed Range: 40-200 rpm

Permissible Ambient Temperature: 5-40°C, 80%RH

Timing Range: 1 min-19 h59 min

Amplitude: 20 mm

Motor rating Input [W]: 16

Motor rating output [W]: 10

Maximum Load Capacity: 3 kg

Overall Dimension: 270×330×110 mm

Display: LED

Protection Class: IP21

Weight: 3.1 kg

Power: 30 W

Power Supply: 100-240 V,50/60 Hz

Optional Accessories: 

SX5079 Universal attachment with 3 bars

SX5080 Fixing clip attachment

SX5081 Lengthways roller attachment

SX5082 Dish Attachment with non-slip mat

SX5083 Universal attachment,black

SX5084 Fixing clip for flask volume 25 ml

SX5085 Fixing clip for flask volume 50 ml

SX5086 Fixing clip for flask volume 100 ml

SX5087 Fixing clip for flask volume 200 / 250 ml

SX5088 Fixing clip for flask volume 500 ml

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