Leaptronix GP-6W Green Power Lab

  • Manufacturer: LEAPTRONIX
    Model: GP-6W
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Manufacturer:  Leaptronix
Model: GP-6W


Green Power Lab
Product Instruction
※ Green Power:
Green power sources are regarded as new & pure sources generated by modern technology such as solar power, wind power, tidal power and geothermal power, etc. This learning kit is equipped with solar power cell, for users to learn the application of green energy technology, comprehend energy transformation and finally manage green energy more efficiently.
※ Solar power module:
Get different voltage & current, comprehend characteristic curve of I/V, V/P and MPP and learn solar power transformation through solar power module.
GP-6W Green Power Learning Kit is a basic green energy transductionkit of solar power . It is equipped with a MCU for users to learn MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm. Users know more about the regeneration of green power through changing MPPT algorithm.

  1. Application of MPPT algorithm.
  2. LCD shows input/out voltage, current and power value.
  3. DC TO DC CONVERTER Module for learning experiment of output transduction.
  4. DC TO AC INVERTER Module for learning experiment of output transduction.
  5. Learn the regeneration use of solar power through Charging Module.
  6. Learn the regeneration use of solar power through Load Module. EX: LED shining.
  7. The kit is based on Open Design. User can change operating procedure during experiment.
Content of Teaching Book
Ch 1: Instruction of green power
Ch 2: Instruction of learning kit
Ch 3: Instruction of software development tool
Ch 4: Learn C language
Ch 5: Feature and basic experiment of MPC82G516
Ch 6: Control of LCM display
Ch 7: Control of analog to digital
Ch 8: Control of PWM
Ch 9: Theory of DC TO DC
Ch10: Control of battery charging & discharging
Ch11: MPPT algorithm
Ch12: Design of DC TO AC

Block Diagram of Solar Power System

Content of Experiment
Teach users the way to connect different module and design operating mode of each module so that users can comprehend the basic principle and application of solar power battery.
  1. Observe I/V, V/P and MPP characteristic curve of solar power module
  2. Set the output (I/V) of solar power module according to the incident angle
  3. Design of DC TO DC CONVERTER Module
  4. Experiment of DC TO AC INVERTER Module
  5. Experiment of basic load and observe the I/V of solar power module
  6. Charging and discharge function of battery
  7. MPPT algorithm
  8. Integrate all experiments above so users can exactly know regeneration and use of green power
Product Specification
  1. Output Power Of Solar: 6W
  2. Output Voltage of Solar Power: 8V(MAX)
  3. Output Current of Solar Power: 787mA(MAX)
  4. Communication Interface: USB
  5. System Power: DC 9V~12V / 500mA
  6. Dimension (LxWxH): 33.5cm x 24.0cm x 7.5cm
  7. Weight: 2Kg

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