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Linshang LS137 UV Energy Meter (0-40000mW/cm2)

Spectral range: 340nm - 420nm, calibrated at 395nm LED light source

Power measuring range: 0-40000mW/cm²

Power resolution: 1mW/cm²

Energy measuring range: 0-999999mJ/cm²

Measuring accuracy: (H is the standard value) 


            H>=50mW/cm²:±10%H, ±5% (typical)

Sampling speed: 2048 times/second

Recording period: 32 min

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V@400mAh

Display: 128X64 Dot matrix OLED

Dimension: Diameter 102mm* thickness 7.6mm

Weight: 136g


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