M&MPRO LMLX1020BS Light intensity meter

  • Manufacturer: M&MPRO
    Model: LMLX1020BS
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LCD Monitor 3.3 4 digits, the value displayed maximum reading 3999

1 to 40.00 Lux (3 Ranges)

400 Lux range reading

40.00 x 10 Lux range reading

Lux range reading x 100 400.0

Minimum value


0.1 Lux

≤ 4000 Lux: ± (4% rdg +10 digits)

≥ 4.000 Lux: ± (5% rdg + 10 digits) (Calibration for standard incandescent light at 2856K color temperature)


Origin: American Technology
Warranty: 12 Months




Temperature characteristics

± 2%

± 0.1% / oC

Speed ​​test

Photo detector

Temperature and humidity operating

Temperature and humidity storage

Limited input


2 times / sec

A silicon photodiode with filter

oC to 40oC (32 ° F-104oF) 0 ~ 70% Rh

10oC to 50oC (14 ° F-122 ° F) 0 ~ 80% Rh Display "OL" when out of range

106 x 57 x 26mm (detection image)

130 x 72 x 30mm (body)

150 cm (picture wire probe)


Power Source



A PIN 9V, Power Consumption Guide ~ 2mA, battery, carrying case

• accurate and easily read.
• High Accuracy.
• LSI circuitry used to provide reliability and durability.
• Allows a wide range of light measurement.
• Press the PIN key.
• Automatic adjustment of 0.
• LCD display helps lower power consumption.
• Compact, lightweight, and intelligent operation.
• LCD display can clearly read even when a high intensity light.
• light sensor allows the user to perform measurements in the optimal position.

Operational guidelines
1. Insert the PIN, and then press the button to open the "ON".
2. Press the range switch to select the desired range.
3. Remove the photo detector and face it to the light source in a horizontal position.
4. Read and check the values ​​from the LCD screen.
5. In scope: if the machine only shows a "1" input signal is too strong and the higher range should be selected.
6. PEAK data mode, press the "PEAK" to select PEAK mode, when the PEAK mode is selected, the machine will stop all do.bam PEAK allowed again to cancel this mode, your return status original.
7. When measurement is complete, close the cover photo detector and shutdown using the "OFF".


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