Mountz EF100Plus EF Electric Torque Multiplier (160 - 1080 N.m, 33 r/m)

  • Manufacturer: Mountz
    Model: EF100Plus
    P/N: 210624
    Origin: USA
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Input Driver size: 1 " Sq.

Speed RPM: 33 r/m

Torque range :  118 - 796 lbf.ft/ 160 - 1080 N.m

Spline Dia. : Ø 54 mm

Size: Ø 85 x 515 mm (L) 

Weight: 28.5 lbs / 13 kg



The easy-to-operate EF electric torque multipliers are designed for precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fastening applications. From tightening large industrial bolts used in windmill gearbox assemblies to bolting maintenance applications for oil & gas pipelines and rigs, the Mountz torque multipliers achieve precision torque in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

Precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fastening connections. Accuracy better than ± 5%.

Shuts-off when pre-set torque is achieved. Non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation.

Increases speed and productivity as it 5-10 times faster than slow ratcheting hydraulic wrenches. Less expensive than hydraulic wrenches.

Ergonomically safer than the harmful hammering of impact wrenches. Eliminates frequently costly repairs of impact wrenches.

Standard models feature a LED display or “Plus” models feature a LC display.

Microprocessor controlled. The speed, frequency and torque are correspond with a built-in controller (no separate box needed).

Brushless motor design provides low maintenance.

Over-heat protection.

Universal AC Input (100-253V / 45-66 Hz).

The handle can “free float” or locks in set position.


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